Terry “UniGeezer” Peterson:

Not “2” Tired!

Known world-wide, Terry “Unigeezer” Peterson has become one of the most accomplished and skilled Extreme Unicyclists – and is at the top of his game at the age of 68! (Although he routinely is mistaken for about 40!) Born January 15th, 1956, Terry first learned to ride a unicycle at age 11, but quit after only a year or so, and moved on to other things, as most kids do. It wasn’t until nearly four decades later, that he decided to start riding again, at the age of 50. Since then, Terry has gone on to great heights as an extreme unicyclist, both figuratively and literally!

Among his accomplishments, Terry is the first (and so far oldest) person to have successfully climbed famous Fargo Street in the annual event’s history, which dates back to the mid 1970’s. At a massive 33% grade, Fargo is one of the steepest streets in the world. Terry has since climbed it more than 10 times.

He also is currently the oldest person to have ridden a unicycle (ungeared 36er) 174 miles in just 20 hours, on 6/2/16. To date, Terry has logged more than 25,000 miles since 12/2005, and completed nine, 100 mile-or-more rides, each in one day, totalling 1,058 miles. His 4th century was in tribute to his older brother Gary, who lost his long and heroic battle with leukemia. All five of these rides were filmed *while* riding, and can be seen on his youtube channel.

His amazing story is an inspiration to all ages, and a testament to the power of will and determination! It also serves as a legitimate “how-to” guide for one of the most efficient and effective methods for weight loss and fitness that is 100% attainable for anyone with a basic sense of balance, can ride a bicycle, and has the determination to succeed!

Terry has been featured in “Master’s Athlete” magazine, profiled on Yahoo, EPSN, and several other sports oriented websites, TV news segments, interviewed on radio, and appeared in various other media, including a major front page story in the Orange County Register.

Terry has also been the subject of a documentary on extreme unicycling; “In Unison”, by filmmaker Joey Neigh. He was also featured in a book by Author Don McGrath titled, “50 athletes over 50”.

Most recently, Terry was featured in a national commercial for Lowes, and also the Ford “Fiesta”, which ran regularly on American Idol, which was sponsored by Ford.

Unicycling has come a long way from a simple pass time and novelty of the 1960’s, when Peterson began riding, emerging as a serious and legitimate sport that is gaining in recognition and notoriety, thanks in large part to the internet, where you can see more than 800 of Terry’s extreme unicycling videos.

Terry’s Uni-Resume – at a glance:

♦Fastest documented speed on a non-geared 36er age 40 & older. 20.9 mph.
♦Completed 174 mile, 20 hour ride on 6/3/16 in attempt for 200 mile/24hr ride. Raised money for “Make-a-Wish” foundation. Appeared on ABC 7 “Eyewitness” News.
♦Completed 8th Uni-Century on 11/26/15, in prep for 24hr/200 mile ride in mid 2016
♦Completed 7th 100 mile uni-century (or longer) ride on 6/2/15. Raised money for Autism
♦Featured on KABC, CBS and KCAL
♦Feature story in South Bay Magazine Health edition
♦Appeared as unicyclist in national TV Commercials for Lowe’s and Ford Fiesta
♦150 miles in one day on 1/15/2015 to mark 59th birthday.
♦Featured on “People are Amazing” seen worldwide.
♦Feature Story on Fox 10 News
♦Feature story on KABC 7 Eyewitness news for 100 mile ride for charity.
♦ Became first person in history to have successfully climbed famous Fargo Street on a unicycle, on 3/6/11. At 33% grade, it’s one of the steepest street in the US! Terry has since climbed Fargo a dozen times
♦ Completed 120 mile 36er ride in one day, on 10/24/13, to raise money for Leukemia research.
♦ Featured in book, “50 athletes over 50”, by Don McGrath
♦ Profiled in “Le Girafon” French Unicycling magazine
♦ Appeared nationwide on PBS series, “My Generation”
♦ Featured on “Growing Bolder” TV series
♦ Featured on KTTV channel 11 news
♦ Featured in “Master’s Athlete” sports magazine
♦ Featured on Yahoo main page
♦ Featured in Unicycling Documentary, “In Unison”, by Joey Neigh
♦ Featured on ESPN
♦ Featured in four live segments on KTLA Morning TV News
♦ Featured segment on Morning TV Show, “Daybreak OC”
♦ Various Web profiles, including “Growing Bolder”, and “I Play Outside”
♦ Radio interviews on “Logical Soul” and “Growing Bolder”
♦ Selected for Nokia N8 Producers
♦ Completed my first Uni Century (104 miles) at age 54, on 7/11/10, with all proceeds going to American Cancer Society.(Included Primetime TV coverage on CBS 2, and print media) Oldest person to have ridden 100 miles in one day on one wheel.
♦ Main sponsors: Unicycle.tv, Krisholm.com, Unicycle.com, Twinsbikeshop.com
♦ My Website, www.unigeezer.com
♦ Designed and Innovated the first “Uni-Cable-Cam”. Specifically made for filming extreme unicycling and is 100% portable and self-set up.
♦ Entered idyllwild Spring Challenge, placing 1st in over 25 category.
♦ Various newspaper coverage, including front page of feature in Orange County register, Santa Barbara Ind.,  Daily Breeze.
♦ Terry has filmed, edited and produced more than 500 extreme unicycling videos, with with more than two million views.