These are just a few of the hundreds of wonderful emails and letters I’ve received over the years: *************************************************************************

What an inspiration Terry Peterson () is,him along with Kris Holm () ought to be inducted into the cyclinghalloffame

-Michael Reddekopp ‏

Happy Birthday Terry! Every year you get cooler, younger and unicyclier! Be our muniprohpet for many years more.
-Dani Buron


I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for introducing me to this incredible sport. My name is Carey, and I’m a 52 y.o. emergency medicine physician. I had been a distance runner/marathoner/triathlete for over 30 years, until July of 2010 when I was hit by a farm tractor that suddenly pulled out in front of me while I was riding a Vespa-type scooter at 45mph.

I hit the engine block full force, and sustained multiple injuries- including an open book fracture of my pelvis, torn abductors in both legs, torn hip cartilage, multiple fractures…and later clots in my lungs and legs. Today I am very lucky to be alive, but sadly I can’t run anymore due to my hips and a pelvic non-union. I fought for months to get my fitness back, and was biking 100 miles a week again within a year, but I have longed for the simplicity of running out my front door into the nearby canyon and finding solitude on the trails without the complexity of a bike.

Somehow- I really don’t remember how- I came upon one of your videos this winter. The simplicity of a unicycle, plus the incredible skill that you have, was very inspiring to me. I wondered if a 52 year old orthopedic nightmare could unicycle without pain- what the heck, it doesn’t hurt to ride my bike, I thought- so on February 18 I bought a $140 24″ Torker Lx and brought it home. My wife thought i had gone insane. After seeing me fall hundreds- maybe thousands- of times, she was certain of it. Neighbors began to wonder.

Well, on the Saturday before Easter, I free mounted in the garage, rode down the driveway and all the way around the block and back- a distance of about a half mile. I was pumped. Now I am up to 3 mile rides in the neighborhood daily. I am still learning- and a long way from competent- but my goal is to buy a good MUNI and start riding the canyon trails this summer. The better I get, the more I realize what a Zen sport this is….like telemark skiing and whitewater kayaking, the more relaxed I am, the better I perform.

Anyway, thanks again for your inspiration and your INCREDIBLE videos- I really appreciate the quality, the effort, and your great sense of humor. If you are ever out this way, give me a call and I’ll try to keep up with you on the trails!

Sincerely, Carey

Dear Terry, or should I say UniGeezer! I hope this [Facebook] profile is for strangers to say Hi…and in my case, THANKS! I have only recently become an ardent fan of the One Wheel, and it is thanks to your videos! It’s no wonder why all MUni-ist are such passionate fans – this sport is so addictive and has quickly become a life obsession with me.   Unicycling has become my new Acting philosophy: get on, fall off (repeat x 1000) = get on, roll the role:) Thanks so much for your excellently filmed, passionate and inspiring videos – without them my interest would never have been ‘sparked’ in quite so determined a way. Thank you UniGeezer! I trust you won’t mind  this piece of electronic fan mail [:)] MUni Rocks!

All my best, Cheers, Felix

got interested in unicycling two years ago, at the age of 38.

The reasons were: 1) Mountain biking got a bit boring after 20 years and doing the same tracks over and over again. I needed a new challenge. 2) Many tracks being forbidden for bikes. On a unicycle I am free again to go anywhere I want. 3) The movies on Youtube from Kris, UniGeezer and many others really got me interested in Muni. I really like the parts were UniGeezer is blasting downhill, passing MTB-ers who are walking. To ride like him is my dream. But I am practising….

Have a nice day, Tom (From the Netherlands)

Hello Terry,

Just wanted to thank you for responding to my query.  Truly amazing what you can do with a unicycle.  The heath industry spends billions annually on exercise gimmicks and routines.  The beauty industry spends billions on anti aging products.

Looking at you in your videos, I would estimate your age in the upper 20s, maybe low 30s.  In one of your videos I had watched, you credited unicycling for your outstanding health, appearance, and physical conditioning.  I think the health and beauty industry could definitely learn from you.

Thank you again for your advise, I will apply it to my quest of learning to ride a unicycle. Take care and remember, rubber side down.

V/R Rick


I want you to know that you are a true inspiration. I am a 47 year old man living in Florida. I learned to ride unicycle last year. I have a very old Schwinn. I haven’t learned to do much more than mount and ride and can only do a few small hops. I have been considering putting in the serious time and effort to learn some extreme riding. I am well aware of the effort and dedication it takes to learn but wasen’t sure if an almost 50 year old could do it. I am in good shape and only weigh in at 130. You have inspired me to go for it. Thanks


Hi Terry, J

Just a few words to thank you immensely. I’m a great fan of yours, I’ve been for several months now, since I first stumbled upon that weird, uncanny thing we refer to as a unicycle and started surfing the Internet to gather information about it. You’ve been a great inspiration to me. I practically owe it to you if in I’m now – so far, and so far as I know – the only one proud possessor and user of a ‘36er’ in my town. I live in Turin, Italy, a city of almost one million inhabitants – definitely more than that if you consider the urban area as a whole – so being able to speed through my astonished fellow-citizens along park lanes and cycle-paths while perched upon that huge wheel is quite an experience.

Truth is, I probably would never even have considered buying a 36-inch unicycle if I hadn’t watched your inspiring video clips on the web. Though having being a keen ‘two-wheeled’ unicyclist for many years, I only took up unicycling less than a year ago, and I’m about your age: I was born on May 12, 1958, so I turned 50 this year, just a couple of weeks after being able for the first time in my life to ride a uni, my first 20-inch one. I work at the local University (UNI-versity!) – I’m not into teaching, I’m just a humble technician. I understand you’re a professional piano tuner and music lover, so it may interest you to know that one of my main hobbies is music. Our musical tastes may differ slightly: I’m not that keen on rock music – my favourite genre is classical music, and I occasionally enjoy jazz music. I know I never will be half as good as you at unicycling, but I’ll always keep your example in mind while trying to improve my skills. Keep it up, you’re just great!

I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year Eugenio

Too cool!

just wanted to say that you are pure inspiration and have a great sense of humor, I am just starting to unicycle and im practicing everyday. the fact that you are 53 and doing this is just awesome. The reason I bought a unicycle is because I thought I was getting old in fact im turning 20 in june. the reason I felt old at 19 was that I am turning 20 and when I was really young I was a little over weight and wanted to do a extreme sport and in high school I never did any extreme or normal sports because I was out of shape but that did not stop me from enjoying high school.

I think unicyle is amazing 10x better then a bike when ever I see someone with a bicycle it just doesn’t do it for thinking there missing out on something better. anyway back on subject if your doing this in your 50s then for the next 3 decades are going to be awesome for me. me getting old at 20 well I guess everyone has a way of looking at life different. -David Hello Terry, Thanks for the advice. The way you explained how to mount the uni was awesome. Especially when you broke it down with the cinder blocks. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes, little bit of snow on the ground here in CT.

Peace, Jonis

Hy Terry!

I think that it wouldn’t be strange that a man from far away from you decides to share a words referring to this awesome world of unicycling. I’m from Catalunya, Spain, and recently (with some friends) we bought a Kris Holm 24″ unicycles, we had learned so fast with an old one we got before. We’re getting closer to our old freeride biking on mountains, downhill…. OH oh oh! Excuse me for not taking care of your work! First of all I would to share with you my congratulations to all the work you’re doing with your videos and these guys you’re teaching or whatever you are doing, keep going on!

I’m a little bit less than 30 years old but you man… nothing else to say, keep going with this joyful sport! I play the piano and other instruments too, the music had been part of my life since I was a child… well this is not the reason why I’m writing it. Oh, sorry for my poor english, I really don’t practice it so regularly that I should. Well, I don’t have much time now, It would be so great if you could answer me, I haven’t got any video still now, but we’re working on it! Really, really thank you Terry!


Hi Terry. Your videos are great. I would like to ask you a general Unicycle question which I cant find an answer to anywhere on the internet. Why have a brake on a unicycle? I have heard of “Drag brakes” and then there are other kinds. Why? As long as the cranks are fixed to the wheel, there doesn’t seem to be any need? Although I have noticed you using the brake to mount a coker but surely they are used for more than this? I hope you can get back to me. Cheers -Mike-

Nice thanks for the tutorials.My dad learned to unicycle in like 1972 but he wasn’t hardcore he was a commuter. He rode it like 5 miles to work at the animal hospital. He pulled out an old unicycle that he had and i learned over spring break and then i bought one off Im just beggining to get the hang of trials and freestyle. I am trying to learn to uni spin and im not getting it. I have seen you do it in your videos and i was wondering how you learned to do it. I have a torker LX so it’s supposed to be for freestyle and all that jazz. Maybe you could help me.(I partly just wanted to talk to a real living 50 some odd year old extreme unicycler) But your help would be greatly appreciated. T

hanks, again, and I the vids you have just rock!!!

Thanks….good motivation! I have recently begun researching getting back into riding a uni (after 20+ yrs away from it….43 yrs young, now) What would you suggest for a good ride….nothing extreme, but for longer rides to get cardio back, and working the core….. I live in SoFla, and was thinking about a 36″ (Coker’s are a good choice?) I have been on a few 20’s and 24’s…. Thanks, again…..Looking forward to hearing from you, and posting a few pics as soon as I get back in the saddle!