I’ve owned many unicycles over the years, including a classic Schwinn made in Chicago, circa 1966! It had cottered cranks that would bend easily with the slightest extra force, but that didn’t stop me from riding down curbs and stairs, like I did when I was 10!

My current arsenal consists of all five Kris Holm Unicycle wheel sizes, plus three Nimbus unis: Oregon 26er, Oracel 24, and Nightfox 36er, and a Koxx 1 19″ trials. I also have two custom made “BC” wheels, also called “Impossible wheels”. ┬áThe Kris Holm collection consists of 19″ trials, KH 24″ (Classic MUni size), KH 26er “GUni” with Schlumpf geared hub, KH 29er, modified to a true 700c, and KH 36er, with custom T-bar and Aerobars.

Below is a picture of my “extended” family:

 photo 34754892-2223-4ecb-bd60-c5479638205a.jpg