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I made the FRONT page of the Orange County Register! , the 3rd largest daily paid newspaper in CA!

Magazine Profile on “Over 50 Website Online Magazine

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  1. JM Wood Says:

    Terry, you are an inspiration. I was browsing the web a while back and found some of your tutorials. That got me fired up, so instead of new MTB, I decided to go MUni.

    I rode a uni years ago — only to say that I could mount and move in one direction basically. Very much a novice. In June I got serious, bought a KH 24×3″.

    Riding virtually every day, I progressed from being able to ride about a block in early June. I’ve a few mounts down (nailed the kick mount, and rolling jump the other day), hop, idle, drop, and XC, single track, bush trails, some small hills, gullies. I’ve also bought a KH 29″ for doing some distance – I find the 24 get to my knees for long distance, at this age – did I mention that I’m 55?

    Anyway, when I’m not kiteboarding (water and snow), you’ll find me on the uni.

    Fightin’ off oldism,


  2. unigeezer Says:


    Thanks so much that means a lot! I’d love to see any videos you may have of your riding. Keep going strong and Uni for life!

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